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Timothy Goes To School is a children's television show based off the story books by Rosemary Wells

at 10:30 a.m. on August 28, 2004 on TLC and Discovery Kid's Ready Set Learn block in the U.S.

Timothy 1

Timothy a friendly raccoon
Yoko cat originally from Japan who is typically sweet
Nora a Bole-brown mouse who is sometimes bossy and sulky
Charles a gray mouse who likes to play by himself at recess being the quieter members of the class
Lilly a fox who is forgetful and sometimes scatterbrained
Frank #1
Frank #2
French bulldog twin brothers who love sports and often speak in unison
Doris a beaver who is a boisterous tomboy
Fritz a badger who is very fond of science and is another one of Timothy's best friends
Claude a raccoon who tries to be the best in the school but comes off arrogantly in some cases
Grace an upper-class cat who likes things her way
Juanita a cat originally from Mexico who only appears in the final two stories in the final show
Mrs. Jenkins a fox and the teacher of the class
Big Frank a French bulldog and the single and widowed father of the Frank twins
Henry the cheerful janitor, bus driver, and beaver
Miss Appleberry a skunk and the student teacher at Hilltop School who is very cheerful
Mrs. Lightfoot a mouse and the librarian

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